Effective index of a rectangular optical waveguide


    Pablo Sanchis Kilders

INTRODUCTION: The effective index of a rectangular optical waveguide is calculated by using the effective index method.

- Calculate the effective index of the fundamental mode for TE and TM polarization.
- Determine the minimum waveguide width for which there is no mode propagation in asymmetric waveguides.
- Analyze the influence of the refractive index contrast and light polarization depending on the waveguide size.

INSTRUCTIONS: Set the refractive indices of the rectangular waveguide, the operation wavelength and change the waveguide width and thickness to analyze the variation of the effective index for each polarization.


Core refractive index (n1)

Lower cladding refractive index (n2)

Upper cladding refractive index (n3)

Waveguide width (nm)

Waveguide thickness (nm)



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